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The purchase of a new property may be the biggest investment that an individual makes in a lifetime.

With termites causing more damage to properties throughout Australia than fire, flood and cyclones put together it is critical that your investment decision is made with reliable information regarding Timber Pest Damage and or Infestation.

A visual timber pest inspection carried out to the Australian Standard will report on Timber Pest Infestation that may include termites, borers or timber rot and conditions that may be conducive to pests such as lack of ventilation, water leaks or poor drainage.

On completion of an inspection, the inspector will give a verbal indication of the inspection results with the Report being completed and sent by the close of business the next day.


Termites by their very nature are difficult to locate and some areas of a house may be impossible to access.

The inspections are non-invasive and will not involve dismantling of structures. Height and crawl space limitations may limit visible evidence. Even with new electronic equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, areas such as inaccessible wall cavities may harbour undetected Timber Pest Activity and or Damage.

Timber Pest Inspection Agreements

Timber Pest Inspection Agreements are designed to give the prospective purchaser a realistic understanding of the type and scope of the inspection to be performed. It is now an Australian Standard requirement that a Timber Pest Inspection Agreement be completed before a Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection is to be carried out.

Riviera Pest Control can provide a comprehensive property and timber pre-purchase inspection report that will clearly identify any building concerns and ensure that you are fully informed when making your decision to purchase a new home, or renovate an existing one.

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