Pest Control

pest controlOf all creatures that can become pests of domestic and commercial buildings, termites are probably the most important.

There are many different types of Termites, and their ecology can be complex. Building types and construction methods vary greatly and the many different products available designed to deter undetected termite entry can make choosing a system for a building complicated.

Generally, most species of destructive termites are subterranean. That is they will travel through the soil to get to the timber on which they will feed.  They need approximately 1.3mm through which they can gain access; they can travel over concrete stumps and around steel ant caps. They commonly enter structures including steel framed homes, and consume materials such as structural and decorative timbers, carpet, skirting boards and wall panelling. Areas under concrete slabs and paths offer protection and insulation for termites and can make detection of an infestation difficult.

Household pests such as cockroaches or rodents are creatures that prefer dark cracks and crevices and avoid daylight where possible. Often if conditions are conducive, a large pest problem can manifest itself in a short period without human detection. Common black ants have many different species with different feeding habits and can pose a particular challenge to pest controllers. Modern products available to pest controllers can be very effective, but are often pest specific and must be chosen with care and applied accurately. Dedicated spraying equipment can be critical in the performance and outcome of a selected product.

Qualified experience will play a large part in the success of a pest treatment and that is why with over 20 years' experience and dedication to providing a first class professional service, RIVIERA PEST CONTROL is a choice that can be made with confidence.

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